Review: Fry’s Turkish Delight

I’ve had traditional Turkish Delight before and I liked it’s soft consistency and light flavor. So, when I saw Fry’s Turkish Delight, I imagined the candy I had tried covered in chocolate and that seemed like a good thing. It turns out that Fry’s version is very different from what I had imagined.


Each bar is a thin, rectangle slab of flavored jelly enrobed in milk chocolate.


Unlike some other chocolate covered jelly products, with Fry’s Turkish Delight, the chocolate shell doesn’t crumble apart. Instead, it sticks to the tightly to the product. The jelly center disintegrates quickly and is not chewy nor sticks to your teeth. Though I’m not usually a fan of jelly filled confections, I liked the overall consistency of this candy bar.

There’s something immediately odd about the taste. I couldn’t find anything on the packaging that said what flavor the jelly was, but since it appeared to be dark red/purple, I was expecting raspberry or some other fruit to be the main flavor. That guess was way off. Instead, it tasted like clove and mint mixed with grape jelly. It really had me confused at first, so I Googled it. I couldn’t find an official answer, but over at ChocaBlog, they mention it’s flavored with the essence of rose. Not sure what that’s supposed to taste like, but sounds like a reasonable answer from what I experienced. Anyway, overall, Fry’s Turkish Delight jelly tastes pretty weird. It’s palatable with the chocolate coating, but I didn’t really love it.

I’m just not a big fan. It’s unique though and I could see some people being enthusiasts. Maybe if I had grown up with these, I would have learned to love them.


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